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Feature Request - Option to remove the standard Server Folders and Hard Drives Icon/Addin

edited August 2011 in DrivePool

I had this in another discusion but thought I would give it its own.

Technically (if there was a way) could you remove the standard Server Folders and Hard Drives Icon/Addin and just have the StableBit DrivePool one. As as long as all the features (repair, cleanup and shadow copies option) from the standard one are in the DrivePool addin it should be fine. (as I said if you technically could remove it). I think that would be a great option and make DrivePool even more straight foward. Love the software by the way !!! 


  • Second that !
  • If this is even possible it has to be optional, I have another plugin that installs itself as an additional tab in the standard icon.


  • Resident Guru
    Do you mean something like this?

  • I agree with @Danee , this should be optional , the stablebit icon is fab marketing , but it should really be additional tabs on the standard one to keep it consistant.

  • Yes, definately optional...but why have them both when DrivePool page could do every thing !


  • Covecube
    I have thought about this myself for a while, and I agree that it's a bit redundant. I haven't invested any time into this yet but I probably will look into it before final. It should be possible to replace the default tab with DrivePool.

    One potential problem that I could see is if someone installed another add-in that extends that default tab, so it should definitely be optional.

    Also, for now DrivePool is English only.

  • Also, for now DrivePool is English only.

    At the time you need translations, feel free to contact me, I am willing to help out and do the Dutch translation.



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