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Server backup issue.

edited August 2011 in DrivePool

For a couple of weeks now my server backups fail. I currently have my server folders on the pool and duplicated. One folder is a high capacity movie folder. This folder is unduplicated.

In the server backup settings i exclude this folder and the server backs up fine. Then a day or so later i get a server backup failure. When i explore the settings the movie folder is showing as included. Probably the cause of the backup failure. I take the tick out of the movies backup and again the backup runs ok.Then the server backup fails after the next couple of succesful backups...and so on.

If i take the server folders totally out of the backup it backs up without failure indefinitely.Leading me to believe its a DP issue.

Any ideas why it insists on trying to backup a folder that is deselected from server backup? I havent investigated yet but im wondering if after server reboots for updates etc...whether it defaults to trying to backup all server folders in the pool and thus failing due to insufficient space.


  • edited August 2011 Resident Guru
    Can you test whether this same problem occurs when you also exclude a server folder that isn't in the pool? If WHS re-includes both, it would seem to me to be a WHS problem.
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