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How to re-install WHS 2011 and retain drivepool including duplication, and other questions!

edited August 2011 in DrivePool
Hi All,

I've been playing with Drivepool in my new WHS 2011 build and am quite liking the software.

One question I have is, I am thinking of reinstalling WHS 2011 but want to retain all my drivepool data. I've got 3 pooled drives, not including the boot drive, and would like to keep all the data where it is and the duplication I've already got. So, is there an easy way to reinstall the O/S the reinstall drivepool and have the same pooled drives and dupliacted folders?

Secondly, for some reason I appear to have messed up the folders somehow (which is why I want to re-install); essentially, when you connect to the server over the network, there are duplicates of the  folders Documents and Videos.  Both folders lead to the same pooled location but for some reason there are two when you access the server over the network.

Finally, does anyone know what the pricing is going to be once the final version comes out?

Many thanks!


  • Can anyone help me??!! I kind of want to reinstall WHS quite badly, so need to find out how I can keep my data safe!
  • I don't have experience with the reinstall of WHS and DP, but I might be able to help you with the duplicate folder issue - perhaps saving you a reinstall?

    Do you see this duplicate when accessing the folders through the Homegroup?   If so, I've found that when this happens to me, if I simply leave the Homegroup and then rejoin it, the duplicates go away.
  • edited September 2011 Member
    Just do it and all your data will still be there when you reinstall drivepool.......unplug all your drives but OS drive when you do the reinstall and after WHS 2011 is installed power down plug them back in reinstall drivepool and all should did for me :)
  • thanks dvdluvver - I'll give that a go later on!

    UDF - so if i reinstall WHS i just then install drivepool and it automatically finds everything?! sounds too good to be true!!
  • dvdluvver - leaving and joining the homegroup didn't work, but i think it is related to the sharing options in homegroup / drivepool as you indicated. The duplicated folders only appear to be visible when accessing through the homegroup on my Win7 PC - if i go through the network icon, i only see one copy of each folder. odd.

    UDF - you were right: just reinstall and it finds them and after a repair they're working fine. very good work to the writers!
  • edited September 2011 Member
    It true to say that if your install a fresh new copy of WHS2011 and then install DrivePool will reconfigure everything...
    One only exception: Computers Backups are not redirected automatically.  You will have to move files around yourself or delete and restart with a new blank folder.

    Note: Make sure your data drives are not connected when reinstalling WHS2011.
  • Covecube
    One only exception: Computers Backups are not redirected automatically.  You will have to move files around yourself or delete and restart with a new blank folder.
    Good point. This should be looked at.

    Sorry I wasn't around to answer this, trying to get Scanner 2.0 out the door. Should be any day now.
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