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Backing up the drive pool

edited September 2011 in DrivePool

I saw another post regarding this, but wanted to restate it. Any pooling solution has to have a method to do a server backup of the pools data, without backing up the duplicates. It seems there is currently no way to do this. I fail to see how such a fundamental feature could be missed. WHS V1 did this.

The rebutal in the previous thread was essentially "the duplicate is already a backup, so backing up the pool is redundant". NO not at all. Backup prevents a logical error (deleting/changing a file). Backup can be taken offsite in case of total loss. Backup can prevent a 2 disk failure from losing data.

There are lots of reasons to have it and not one good reason not to.

If this product can't support it, then it is useless.


  • Wow. Powerful stuff...breeze onto the forums a day ago and declare the program useless.Having said that your points are totally valid.Then again this is beta software and by definition not feature complete. The good news is though, that you have options.

    1 Go back to V1.(WHS2011 doesnt have "a certain feature" (DE) so by your logic is useless anyway)

    2 Use raid instead.(Make sure you buy a very expensive raid conroller to support all your HD's cos if your mobo dies with software or mobo raid that chances are all your data says goodbye... making raid (sub £300) also useless.) But at least you get non duplicated server backup... oh and a massive storage overhead.

    3 Stay around and wait for the feature to be added/worked around. As has already happened with just about every issue/fault/shortcoming of DrivePool so far!

  • 4 Write your own drivepooling software.
  • The product is this far along in beta without a hint of the backup ability makes me worry it isn't coming, if it was it would have been included earlier so it could also be tested.

    I'm aware of all the other posibilities, which is why I'm here, and in disbelief the feature isn't here.

    SB has the perfect opportunity to leverage their product toward even more sales; provide their own Pool backup without the 2TB limit in WHS backup, make the backup a normal NTSF volume readable by anything (like WHS V1) and kill 3 birds with one software.

  • I use Crashplan+ on WHS v1. Is there anything that would stop this or any other third party backup software working with DrivePool folders?
  • I've been using Crashplan with this plugin via a "workaround" in that I had to point to the C:\Server....  (not at the server, so I don't have the link) path the share to make it work, but so far it's been working fine.  Seems like this would work for most backup needs.
  • I just added crashplan today and pointed it to the C:\ServerPool\ServerFolder\. It is currently backing up.
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