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ServerFolders questions

edited August 2011 in DrivePool
Like many people, I've been monitoring the progress of DrivePool and finally took the plunge. But as I'm getting started, I've run into a few snags that could probably be solved quickly by the experts here. I'm on build 3785

1. I have six disks ranging from 500GB to 2Tb. Currently I have spanned 4 of the disks and that is where the WHS ServerFolders resides. I created a DrivePool of 2 2TB disks and want to copy (using 'Move the Folder' option) to the drive pool. I keep getting an error saying that 'Access is Denied' and the process rolls back. How do I fix 'Access is Denied'?

2. Should I create a folder a manually move them or use the 'Move the folder' option in DrivePool?

In doing some searching on this site, there is some debate whether you can move one of the default ServerFolders (Music, Pictures, Videos) to the DrivePool. My questions are this:

1. Can I move those and still link to them via my HTPC and other computers? Right now I'm using the Win7 library to do this.
2. Will they be indexed (obviously all Win7 libraries need to be indexed).
3. If not, what is the best practice or is this a feature to built?

Thanks for all the help!



  • Covecube
    • I've seen access denied on a Users folder move. I don't think DrivePool should allow the user to move that folder in the future.
    • You should be able to move the default folders to the pool. If you're getting an access denied, then it simply means that there is some process that has a local handle open to the file (non-share), that is preventing the file from being moved.
    • Right now, you cannot add a pooled folder to a library on a remote PC because of the indexing issue. I've done some serious digging around to try and get a straight answer as to what Windows expects from the file system / OS with no success. It doesn't seem to be indexing related because you can add non-indexed folders to a library just fine, so the error message seems to be deceiving.
    • There are workarounds out there to add "non-indexed" folders, but I'm not sure how well they work. It would be best to find the correct solution to this eventually.
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