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Management of external backups - Feature request

edited September 2011 in DrivePool
I know this is not what the program was intended for but I think it would tie into the feature set of DrivePool nicely.  I am guessing the underlying data needed to do it is already being used.  If there is another add-in that does this, someone please let me know.

Anyway, I think it would be nice to have the option to back up a folder externally or have it duplicated within the pool.  DrivePool could keep track of the serial numbers of the drives used for external backup, and perhaps allow you to assign your own number to them for easy labeling.  The user would obviously have to initiate the backup process manually, but there could be a reminder or something.  When the process is started, it would just copy files in the folder to an external drive until it was full and then prompt the use for a new drive.  When a new drive is used, it would be added to the list of backup drives and DrivePool would keep a record of what files are stored on which drives.  DrivePool could keep track of how many files have been added to the folder since the last back up and copy them to the newest drive the next time the backup process is initiated.  If I drive in the pool ever failed, the restore process would prompt the user to connect only the appropriate drives needed to restore the missing files.

I think this type of system would be ideal for backing up your movies.  Since the files are pretty static, it would be great to be able to back them up outside of the server and not have to waste energy and physical server capacity keeping them duplicated within the pool.  I know the obvious option would be to keep the drives for movies outside of the pool and use the drive backup of WHS 2011 to back them up.  While this would work, it would be nice to have the movie folder within the storage pool so you don't have to manually span your collection across multiple drives within the server.


  • Covecube
    Hmm, interesting. 

    I guess the gist of this is that you would like a duplicated folder that stores the duplicated parts on an offline drive and is not synchronized in real-time but as a manual process by the user.

    The newest files would not be duplicated until this "manual offline backup" step is completed.

    I have a feature in mind that would accommodate this and other "custom / plug-in" folder types, but this is for post-1.0 so it's too early to talk about it.
  • That's good to hear.  I think this would be a great option for people with large movie collections.
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