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a basic question about adding drive to the drivepool

edited September 2011 in DrivePool
Does it need to be a blank drive when added in to the pool? or if the drive already have music/movie files will it get deleted like in WHS v1?



  • Covecube
    The data on the drive does not get altered when you add it to the pool.

    Technically, what happens is a hidden ServerPoolPart... folder is created in the root directory of the drive and all the pool action happens there.

    However, if you add an Unallocated (unformatted) drive to the pool, DrivePool will format it for you with NTFS and optionally assign a drive letter.
  • I'm testing it now. It looks great!

    Just want to make sure I'm doing it right:
    1. I have some documents files in my existing Hard Drive that I add to the Pool. Should I move the file to Documents Shared Folder or just copy it?

    2. I moved some files from external drive, I can't see which drive it's going to when I click the single hard drive. I assume that's the hidden ServerPoolPart.? 

  • If you go into Stablebit in the dashboard and click on the share it will show you % wise which disks the files were allocated to based on the share..  I suppose if you wanted to know exactly where an individual file wound up you could just browse through my computer, show hidden files, and go through each of the serverpool folders on your hard drives to find them - not sure why you would need to do that, but whatever.

    as for #1 - move/copy would be your choice.. if you want them on the storage pool to be accessible via share then you will have to do one or the other.. personally I would move them so that you don't wind up with multiple copies of them same file just lingering out there on a drive..

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