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Problems copying some folders

edited April 2011 in DrivePool

I just installed drive pool om my WHS 2011 server and am having a strange issue copying some of my files to a pooled folder. I keep getting this error message when it tries to create the folder.
An unexpexted error is keeping you from copying this folder. if you continue to recieve this error, you can use the error code to search for help with this problem

Error 0x80070057: the parameter is incorrect.

if I create the directry by hand then I can copy all files in Directory on removable drive no problem.

if I move one of the pre existing Dir like the Recorded TV Dir to the 1.5 TB drive I can copy the items off the removable no problem.

hope you can understand this if you need more info let me know the dir it is trying to copy is a big folder 201 Gigs it contains 1,582 files  158 Folders some of these will copy fine and others wont. they were moved from a WHS ver. 1 machine to the removable.


  • Covecube
    There's another support case that just came in with an identical error.

    Is the folder a deep path? In other word, is the full path more than say, 160 characters?

    Copying logged in locally on the server, or from another computer through a network share?

    I presume using Windows Explorer?

  • I dont think this is the same issue as this is my path where I am copying to E:\ServerPoolPart.30d4b97f-9af1-40f2-af38-e60336081779\Television.1\Doctor Who Seasons 1 to 26\s01e01 An Unearthly Child\s01e01p1 An Unesrthly Child.avi
    not sure if it is a path length issue one thing i did notice It did copy this Dir and it has the longest path in the folder E:\ServerPoolPart.30d4b97f-9af1-40f2-af38-e60336081779\Television.1\Doctor Who Seasons 1 to 26\s03e19 Mission to the Unknown (aka Dalek Cutaway)\s03e02p1 Mission to the Unknown (reconstruction).avi

    when copying I am logged in locally and it does not matter whether I am copying from a removable hard drive or across the network form WHS ver1 server
    yes I am using explorer to copy with
  • just so you know I can copy these folders to anywhere else on the machine without issue including the same drive that is in the pool jusy cant do it to the drive pool shared folder.
  • Covecube
    The next build of DrivePool will feature some brand new stuff under the hood. Independent disk management through VDS, the same API that computer management uses. It will have full long path name support and an extensive system for handling errors when disks are missing etc...

    It might be a bit longer than usual to release it bec. there's so much new code.

    I'll put this error on the todo list so we can look for it in the usual rounds of testing before release.
  • FYI I am receiving this error as well, using beta M3.

    My paths are well under 160 characters.

    Creating the target directory by hand does not seem to help.

  • This problem survives a reboot.  As well, it sometimes shows up as a "file too large for destination file system" error.
  • Covecube
    The parameter is incorrect is a fairly generic error. You might want to submit your error reports for examination @
  • I am also experiencing this error.

    I have 4 drives in a "test" set-up 1 with 2TB and 3 with 1TB. I noticed when copying from any share to the pooled share (using Windows Explorer / via network), Drivepool started filling the 2TB drive first, but switched to a second drive in the pool as soon as it did hit 928GB (max of a 1TB drive?). Shortly after this the error started popping-up (although this might be coincidence).

    I would love to send an error report, except there is none?! I am missing the ProgramData / StableBitDrivePool folder. The enable/disable logging option does not produce any log file.

  • Covecube

    The ProgramData folder is hidden, so you will want to type in C:\ProgramData into the explorer Window. Open a support case and I'll guide you through it.
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