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In order to better support our growing community we've set up a new more powerful forum.

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The new forum is running IP.Board and will be our primary forum from now on.

This forum is being retired, but will remain online indefinitely in order to preserve its contents. This forum is now read only.

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  • Shane,The root of the drive in question has only PoolPart.GUID, $RECYCLE.BIN and the SVI. (Incidentally, why is there a recycle bin both in the root and in the PoolPart?). $RECYCLE.BIN har two files: two versions of Recycle Bin, one with a padlock o…
  • "Other" varies in size. I get the occational message that the pool needs to be reduplicated due to inconsistencies and I am asked if I want DP to delete duplicates in excess - or something to that effect. Duplicating and then remeasuring gives rough…
  • I may not have been clear: please inform me what the problem may be and what to do. Is this also an issue of  national setting, as was the case for DrivePool?
  • Magic! Remains to be seen what this American twist does to my Norwegian installation.
  • What VM software did you use?
  • Shared fate is some consolation, you know. We'll just have to wait som more, then.
  • No one? Setup runs without interruptions, but no installation wizard appears. Is that a separate download?
  • So that's why the Devil didn't make sense: He forgot to include his audience. Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt. Drive bender is useless - had my hopes for the ofiicial release. Will try out DrivePool and will probably join the congregation. Hope for forgiven…
    in Support Comment by hauge48 November 2011
  • Hello all,273c brings up very important questions, too important to be left alone for the fear of hurting the feelings of Alex.Most people in this community seems to have a very close relationship with Alex and I also think that he deserves both res…
    in Support Comment by hauge48 October 2011