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  • I have all torrents download to the downloads directory that's not duplicated and then I manually move them to whatever directory they need to be in within the pool that are duplicated. Never had a problem either. WHS 2011.
  • So far I'm very impressed with the performance under server 2012 essentials. Under storage spaces I was getting something around 100mbytes per second read and a very slow 40mbytes per second write. Here are my results on an HP ex495 running 2 x wd 2…
  • I can chime in on how to enable duplication on the folder level. Fire up a command prompt by clicking start, typing cmd, right click on the cmd and run as administrator. If you just type dpcmd in the cmd prompt it will give you some direction on…
  • So far the migration has been flawless, the move folder command within the Dashboard worked flawlessly. One thing to note is when enabling duplication using the dpcmd executable, make sure you fire up the command prompt as an administrator, otherwis…
  • I figured I'd chime in so far with my experiences with DP 2.0 beta on a Server 2012 Essentials Install. I'm in the process of migrating all the files over from the storage space to a new drive pool with one HDD, once all the files are moved over, I …
  • I'm ready to blow out a Server 2012 Essentials installation to go back to WHS 2011 since I'm convinced that it's going to take a miracle for Microsoft to fix Storage Spaces in a way that's easy to swap HDD's around. Any idea if drivepool beta is goi…
  • Hi Shane, will version 2.0 support server 2012 essentials? I have your products running on WHS 2011 and I love them. Not too happy about storage spaces so would like to migrate from storage spaces eventually to drivepool in the future. Regards,
  • I'm having the same issue with my Intel x25-m G2 160gb SSD. Reports Load "In" - Time is past it's life expectancy. I just told it to ignore.