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  • Hi ryanmc, for dates of new DP versions, Covecube's twitter feed might be useful: Thanks. So according to the twitter feed was released on April 10th. That is almost 2 months ago. Are there any plans on getti…
  • I think with Windows 8 just 3 months away from RTM, DrivePool and DriveBender etc, are in a bit of a spot. I think Alex and the others will have to offer features over and beyond the Storage Spaces found in Win 8. That is fine for users of Win 8, b…
  • I am in the process of upgrading my WHS v1 to WHS 2011, and I am currently trying to decide between DrivePool, and DriveBender. I do not see a lot of activity from Alex on the boards, or with new stable builds coming out (how old is v1.0.1.6008?). I…