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  • Thanks - it seems it was some temporary garbage. After two days on its own, they disappeared so I assume the file system discovered them and just removed them Marek
  • the "Restore DrivePool Shares" fix did not remove these folders with DELETE in their name ... I am looking for guidance on what to do with them ... Marek
  • Might be interesting but that is precisely what happened. I know it is not a regular process for the drive pool so I am OK with the markers gone. I adjusted them by hand - not that many folders anyway. Now, I still have a few folders with funny na…
  • Shane, Read through the text again - at one point, I mistook the drive letters and started copying files out of the pool drive. That is why I was concerned about the lack of space and time it would take. One thing to note - when the drive letter…
  • Hi Shane, that would work if the shared folders were not spread across multiple drives. I have a folder with data backups which is approximately 3 TB large and spans multiple drives. If I try this method you describe, I will have to move data betw…
  • Hi Shane, thank you for your answer. Considering that I have already loaded 7.5 TB of data into default WHS2011 folders, it has been replicated and balanced, moving that around is not really an option. I'd leave it as it is right now. One more …