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  • A quick update. What I thought was another bug my out of disk space error was actually related to me choosing to use 100% of Feeder disks option. Apparently this tells the plugin to use only feeder disks so if you fill them up you'll get the out of …
  • FYI....It was a bug that I found with having 2 feeder disks using the Archive Optimizer. Alex has been working the issue and hopefully he will have it all resolved soon.
  • ChipMonk,I've been working with Alex on the Archive Optimizer plugin regarding using 2 feeder disks in my system. There was a bug with having multiple feeder disks and i'm now seeing issues with filling up both feeder disk and getting out of space e…
  • No, I have not disabled anything yet. This was default, no balancer changes, all settings are default and only enabled archive optimizer when I installed the SSDs. The achiver is the first balancer in the list. At this point the balancer has actuall…