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  • Just a final note, I ended up installing MS SE and it has been working without incident so far. I excluded the physical pool drives (but not the virtual pool drive), the client backup folder, and the client backup database file extensions. It update…
  • Although this doesn't help the OP, I wanted to suggest an easier way to replace the system disk if it is still running.  My WHS 2011 system disk showed an increase in S.M.A.R.T. spin-up failures.  I removed the disk from the system and cloned it to …
  • Thanks for the input.  Sounds like Eset NOD32 is the recommended (only?) antivirus solution. Just to make sure I understand the recommended exclusions; the physical drives making up the pool should be excluded, but not the DrivePool virtual drive it…
  • Here is a link to the SafeBackup website. I assumed that the Alex at this site is the same Alex at that site since WHSDbDataDump V2.0 is posted here on the StableBit site.
  • No comments?  I still think that this would be a worthwhile tool.  Currently, I have no idea if my client backups have corruption issues or not.  I've done test mounts of a couple of the backups and downloaded a file or two, but checking the entire …
  • Hi Shane. Thanks for your response. Yes, it is a brand new installation of WHS 2011 and DrivePool on a server formerly running WHS v1. However, after running a couple of days, the pie chart was still not displaying unduplicated usage. I think after …
  • Just successfully migrated my home-brew server from WHS V1 to WHS 2011 with DrivePool. Didn't lose a byte of  data.  Thanks, Shane, for the very useful tutorial.  It has just the right of amount of detail. If DrivePool wasn't available, I would prob…