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  • I have been using Drivepool since the Beta started with no loss of data and a real amazement of the simplicity of recovery from the many Beta issues that go with early development involvement. I have 4TB of data now on an HP MSS EX485 and feel that …
  • I moved 2.5 T in a single folder and did a size compare and everything is fine. Checked several other folders with the same results.
  • I believe when you reboot the system the folders will reappear. Not the optimal resolution.
  • If you are on M3, you can move all the default shares to the pool. Just go to share properties and select location and move them to the pool. All my shares are on the pool.
  • I would reboot the server, when it comes back up retry the add/Remove programs in Control Panel, if you still get an error, I would delete the both Program Files folders (x86 and regular) and the Program Data Store file under stablebit folder, then …
  • Sounds like the service isn't started, try starting the service manually and see if the pooled folders come back.
  • Did you manually remove through program add/remove in the Control Panel, then the console will come up at which time you must remove the add-in through the console, then reboot and install the new level. Worked fine for me several times.
  • I just put the WHS 2011 on the network, create the shares and then use synctoy 2.1 to migrate all the data. It's not labor intensive and I have done this more times than I can count with nary an issue to report.
  • Alex 1627 crashed the dashboard but 1635 installed fine. The Program Files folders were not there after uninstall/reboot. I have about 4-5 TB on the machine which is an EX485.