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  • Maybe WHS still keeps the disk you once selected for backup occupied somehow. If you start disk management and delete the partition on the serverbackup disk and create a new partiton im sure Drivepool will see it as a new disk. Try to rename it too
  • Yes works very well indeed. I now have 11 2tb disks in the pool. There was a few problems early on, but it is now working great. Noone should doubt Alex's dedication in this. Noticed from the start how eager he was trying to fix things. Reported som…
    in Support Comment by Thidsa October 2011
  • well its not the ex475. I have one exactly like yours(2gb-BE2300) that i used to run whs2011 and stablebit on. if stablebit installed correctly an both services are running, it could be that dp dont like 'dynamic' disks. dont you have a spare disk y…
  • But if you stop the stablebit services during a copy this behavior stops, and it just copies like it should, without the pauses. Or so it seems in the resource monitor. Bjørn
  • From Alex>Permissions on some folders were reset to No Access for all users. No not here. I had a Music folder that had same permissions as before. But was unaccessable.. >Trying to change permissions from folder properties in the DrivePool ta…
  • No, i installed right over m2 1925. Said i needed to reboot after
    in BETA M3 Comment by Thidsa July 2011