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  • Well then thank you Alex.  And as I said before, thanks to you for ensuring my data wasn't lost - though hard to find, in this unusual situation, it was still protected. 
  • pool parts are there however I already added the drives to a new drivepool - so can only assume that these are the new pool parts.  If so, guess the others are gone.  however when I click on my new drivepool, it has two files. One is "Old Files" and…
  • This is good stuff.  Thanks all, this gives me hope.  Unfortunately I'm one of those poor smucks who works 13 hour days - so will give this a try Saturday and report back.  I really appreciate the input. 
  • See, tech skills so bad I posted this on the wrong board.  Moved it over to DrivePool board.  Sorry.
  • Also, in my newly install WHS version I can't see the previous back-ups - so I can't regain connections that way either.
  • I am in a pickle.  Decided to reload WHS11 to a good drive.  disconnected my other 3 drives to ensure nothing happened to them.  Now I have WHS up and running, but I can't reinstall my drive pool or scanner add ins.  Also can't get 'permission' to v…
  • Can you add a new drive this way if the drive is your C drive - with