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  • Just uninstalled, deleted the folder and rinstalled the latest version.  It found all 5 drives, recognised the pool and only found one folder (tv series) - now everything's gone.  Good news is that the data'sall there in the poolpart folders , but t…
  • Thanks Drashna - indeed, I am using the latest version of Drive Pool and I see a reindex link, which I have hit several times.  It now has found some folders, except the software, home videos (kids etc) and movies/videos (only the most important fol…
  • Trying to raise a contact request via the support part of the WWW site and a validate page keeps appearing.  I'vehit it 4 times so far 
  • Any danger of losing data or having to drag it all out of the Drivepool folders?  I'm worried that I went and tried to recover the missing drives (videos and Music I think) before I realised that Drivepool had crashed - do you think I'll jeopardise …
  • More Information:  below are 2 Event report properties related to DP failure:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Log Name:      ApplicationSource:        StableBit DrivePool Servic…
  • I've got a similar but maybe bigger big problem - Stablebit Drivepool service just reported as stopped and we lost a heap of drives.  Trouble is if I go to Services on the Control panel it is listed as still working.  Restarting the service yields n…