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  • I haven't had any issues running it on Win8...I've updated to the 8.1 preview, and it's installed fine (besides an issue I'm having with duplication), I'm running the 320 beta (x64).
  • That is awesome news!
  • Thanks, I have thought of running a VM of WHSv11...only thing holding me back is that as mentioned this is my main PC, so I don't want to have to dedicate resources to having another OS running in the back ground.  If it was a case of simply wanting…
  • Alex is for sure working on the General Windows version of DrivePool.   I got a sneak peak screen shot of it in action a few days ago in the reply to another unrelated support ticket question. . Okay, well that is definitely promising! He has no E…
  • Any update for when a windows 8 version is coming?!  Would really love to see this. My WHS box has died and I just tried moving the drives into my Win 8 PC.  I was just going to use Storage Spaces, but after finding out that you can't remove a driv…
  • So you should decide at the beginning before populating the virtual drive which letter its gonna get. You don't get that choice if you've migrated from M3 to M4
  • Just leave the virtual drive alone What the folders are called and where they are located should not matter since you are not to use the drive for anything outside of the folders already there. Say again?  It does matter what they folders are call…
  • I'm having this exact same issue! (Well, exactly that same if you typo'd "ServerPool" and meant "ServerFolders")  Really annoying for nothing but consistency's sake!  I too would prefer to to be at the root (not under an arbitrary "ServerFolders" fo…
  • Hmm...the new M4 is causing the same issues as M3 was in the end for me... (account logging out (I'm guessing from the different services crashing), dashboard doesn't want to start at all), when I first installed it it said a drive that I had remove…
  • Have now updated from M3 to M4 no issues or worries so far, and it's not causing the issues that M3 was for me in crashing different services etc. 2.87 TB (or data) 5 Discs 10 Shares 336,000 Files 37,000 Folders Migrate: 3mins Measuring: 2hrs Dupl…
  • Excellent timing!  M3 has started causing some major issues for me - all sorts of different services that DP interacts with keep crashing, which keeps logging out the Administrator account, the drivepool sometimes becomes unavailable, if I've got so…