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NFS - newer version - Beta?

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
I currently have 1.2.7276 installed and all is working well.  I have Windows Home Server 2011 on an HP N40l.  I would like to test out NFS though for my Raspberry Pi as I understand it is more "efficient" than SMB - less overhead and the like.  I had found several posts on how to add NFS to WHS 2011 - but then immediately discovered it wouldn't work with DrivePool - but then found the post noting it had been added to DrivePool in a later (beta?) release.

So after much Googling around - I'm trying to determine if I should upgrade to the latest version and/or if there are any risks involved?  Is it a BETA version?  I also saw a reference to a version 2.0 of DrivePool but I can't find any links to what that is...I must be missing something obvious here :-(

Can anyone advise / provide advice on upgrading? 



  • Member
    ok, I just stumbled into the BLOG section and see a posting from mid March on 1.3 Final release and Beta.  How does a fairly new use go about deciding what version he/she should be installing/upgrading to?  Does the 1.3 "final" release have the NFS support?

    thanks..I'm going to keep reading...but appreciate advice.
  • Resident Guru
    DrivePool's 1.x version tree was written for WHS 2011 and so has full WHS 2011 Dashboard integration.

    The 2.x version tree was written to work for all Windows from Vista up, so has its own GUI instead of the Dashboard integration.

    Based on my experience and forum observations, "Release" versions are pretty much "all bugs we know about stomped" (my main server only runs "Release" and hasn't crashed - from DrivePool anyway :p - in months) while "Beta" versions are pretty much "added a new feature but it may be buggy / fixed bugs from the last beta so give it another try / fixed a bug that sneaked past us into the last Release".

    Both types of releases are considered "safe to store your data" as the core part of DrivePool that actually touches your files uses only standard Windows filesystem calls. was the first 1.x "Beta" to have NFS Server support; a "Release" version is very close (the "Release Candidate" is available on the download page).
  • Resident Guru
    P.S. Under forum member names you'll see "Member", "Resident Guru" or "Covecube".

    "Member" is your normal forum user. "Resident Guru" is a regular forum poster that Covecube has tagged as having been particularly helpful (or something :p), while "Covecube" is a forum user who officially represents and/or is employed by Covecube.

    A "Resident Guru" is happy to spout unofficial advice which you follow at your own risk; only a "Covecube" can give you that tingly "official statement" feeling. Of course, as I'm a RG, this too is not an official statement. :)
  • Member
    Shane - understood and very much appreciated.  Now I get the differences very clearly. So are you running the last Release or the current RC flavor?  I guess I can wait a bit for an official "Release" with NFS.

    While I'm thinking about it - any experience with NFS on WHS 2011?  Everything I've read seems to indicate it's less overhead and/or allows for "better" streaming.
  • Resident Guru
    I'm running the last 1.x Release on my main server. On my desktops I'm running the 2.x Beta. I've no personal experience with NFS, but your assessment of its streaming does seem to match what I've read for those clients that use it.
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