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Serial Numbers Not Correctly Displayed by DP

edited May 2013 in DrivePool

I just noticed that the serial numbers of the drives are incorrectly indicated by DP and DS.

Could it be my RAID card causing this problem? The RAID card indicates serial numbers correctly.

Here are some of the serial#





First 3 are WD and the 4th is a Seagate drive. Weird that they all end in 707. In my mind it must be the card.




  • Member

    ive got the same issue


    but even my hard drive version has changed


    3 tb showing as a 2tb and then then following 3 sata hard drive connected to the same sata card all have the same firmware and part number


    this happened before but a reboot sorted it


    but think it cropped up due to a new software update

  • Has this problem been reported?



  • Member
    yes I have this evening with screenshot
  • edited May 2013 Member

    Mine doesn't see drive type on pooled drives or serial numbers.  It sees drive type but not serial number of non pooled drives. 


    Might be the card  HighPoint RR2760.

  • edited May 2013 Member

    Just in case you had  played around with "UnsafeDirectIo" and set it to TRUE, try changing it back to FALSE. I just did and serial and model numbers are now displayed correctly.



  • Member
    I just got scanner and changed that setting and all data is populated now, thank.
  • Member

    I have never played around with this setting using sil 3114 pci controller


    however my serial numbers are still incorrect

  • Covecube
    AMCross: are you using the RAID or "base" firmware version of the card. It makes a difference.

    Namely... because the SIL cards are pretty poor about following standards and properly passing on SMART data. *especially* when they are using the RAID firmware.
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