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Hardware Used with DP

edited July 2012 in DrivePool
Hey All,

Just curious to see what everyone is using as a JBOD controller with DrivePool. I'm currently using a Startech PEXSAT34 and get around 75MBs copying from and to the network drive from Windows 7 with 4 x 3TB Seagate drives in the pool. Not sure how well this card is and I'm considering getting an LSI 9211-8i or a HighPoint RocketRAID 2720 SGL to replace it. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • I just use the standard SATA ports on my motherboard. It's got 6 of them and all are in use. I get about 65 MB/s write speed to the pool. And about 75 MB/s read speed.
  • Resident Guru
    Four SATA ports on the motherboard, plus three "generic" two-port SATA cards (thankfully PCI Express versions), all full. Performance... just tolerable. :p

    For whatever it's worth, I often read good things about SuperMicro's AOC range of eight-port cards (two physical sockets supporting up to eight drives via a pair of 1xSFF8087 to 4xSATA squid cables), but as I'm apparently in the wrong country to get my hands on them at any sane price unfortunately I can't back up the hearsay with any personal anecdotes. if you want to check the specs.
  • Member
    I appreciate it Shane. I'm currently using a LianLi PC-Q25B computer case. I just realized that in order for me to stuff as many HDs into the case, i can't have a very long card. I will look into the Super Micro. Thanks!
  • I'm using three IBM ServeRAID M1015's cross flashed to LSI9211-8i's in IT mode in a Norco RPC-4224 for 24 glorious ports of storage goodness.

    No problems except the lack of TLER, combined with some bad sectors causes MAJOR headaches with WHS and DrivePool in general. I plan on swapping my WD Green Drives with as many WD Red drives as I can afford, hopefully it fixes all my issues.
  • Member
    Yikes. Good luck with the REDs. I'm currently using Seagate 3TBs 7200 drives right now. I have Scanner scheduled to do scans every 15 days. It's only been 2 weeks but hopefully I don't have any problems.
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