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Balancer method to avoid folder splits

edited November 2012 in DrivePool
Would it be possible for someone to look at a new balancer method to minimise/avoid folder splits at a certain level of the folder hierarchy?

The rough idea would be to keep all files in a folder together on the same physical disk.  The use case is for DVD or Bluray VIDEO_TS or BMDV folders (particularly the latter) and their associated metadata.  Ideally the balancer would specify a directory level below which all files would be kept together, unless disk space runs out.  

For example, I have a directory structure ServerFolders > Videos > Movies > MovieName > BDMV for all my BluRays.  The balancer would manage to level 5 (the BMDV/VIDEO_TS level) and not split the files at 5 folder levels or greater over more than one disk.

Why?  Two problems, both related to Disk Spindown.  It's great to enable disk spindown to save power/heat/noise.  It's a good feature of Drivepool that we can do this and do not need all disks to spin up to stream a video, but there are problems when the directory is split over more than one disk:

1.  the stream can be interrupted when the VOB file changes at each Gb - the stream needs to pause while the next disk spins up.
2.  More than one disk needs to spinup, missing a small (tiny) power saving.

I'm not so bothered about 2, but the pause in streaming is a problem.

I know there is the possibility to create user-developed plugins, but I don't really have a lot of time to study how and think it would be a useful "standard" plugin.

Any thoughts?


  • It's not necessarily a solution to your problem, but why don't you move your video_ts movies to ISO format? That way it'll be a single file and you won't have any of the other issues.
  • this also hapens to blu-ray folder structure directory's
    and when i add fanart to it they also get splitted up to another location.

  • I totally agree. Such a balancer would be great. All files belonging in a folder staying on the same drive. Video file, metadata, folder art, nfo... Etc
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