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Automatic nest updating - Build 432

edited June 2011 in BitFlock
The BitFlock client now comes with experimental /auto and /noui command line switches. When both of them are specified on a command line, BitFlock will scan the current computer's hard drive health status and update your nest silently.

You will need build 432, at least.

BitFlock_1_0_0_432U.exe /auto /noui

With these command line switches, you can now set up a daily scheduled task to update your nest automatically in the background for each of your computers.

This is still experimental. There is no automatic updating of the client so you will need to do that manually if a newer version is released.

Please do not auto-update more often than every 24 hours per PC.



  • Hello,

    I have had a play with this option. It appears the program does not stop running. You may need to add some code to close the program down once it has "called home"

  • Covecube
    Hmm, interesting. I've got this running on a number of computers and don't experience this. What is the client OS?
  • I'm now using this on three 7 machines and one 2008 R2 (WHS2011) machine and it works very well. I set up tasks on each machine to run it at midnight.

    The only thing I would like to see is email alerts for new issues.
  • Ok this is happening to me now too.

    Also I tried to set this up at a friend's house and each time a computer updated, it would erase the data of the previous computer. He has like 5 computers but it only ever shows two computers total. Very strange.

    Also currently I can't view any "Nests", just gives me an ASP.NET error.

    And finally, when I swap out hard drives, the total space for each computer seems to be the total of all drives that have ever been in that PC.

    Love this tool though, home you can address some of these issues soon. Thanks!
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