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Lost ALL shares with build is still on the drives though

edited June 2011 in DrivePool
Yesterday, I installed the .1864 beta update and discovered that the info on the 'Hard Drive Pooling' Tab was missing, so I immediately opened a support ticket. In the meantime, I decided to 'rollback' to the older version. As I have done with older versions, I removed the add-in via the WHS 2011 dashboard and rebooted. I then re-installed the previous version (beta .1836) assuming that it would rescan my drives and recreate my shares. I now have NO shares and no information on the 'Hard Drive Pooling' tab. I can see that my data is still on the drives, it just seems that DrivePool is no longer attempting to scan the drives for data.

Please help!


  • The same with me ,  I decided alse to 'rollback' to the older version
    It did'd work for me.

    What i did was:

    • uninstall stablebit
    • open regedit
    • Find and delete folders with stablebit in reg file
    • close regedit
    • reset system
    • install stablebit 18xx
    • reset
    • enable service stablebit
    • old  'Hard Drive Pooling' folders are back,

    BUT stablebit dashboard is refreshing every sec. cannot change a thing.


  • Hi Guys

     I had the same trouble even after re-installing 1836 i found i had to reboot my server quite  few times then it seemed to pick up the drivepool with the new version 1864 not sure if this is a bug or not but i did get mine to work just try rebooting a few times until it pick the drives back up. 

    Hope it helps



  • edited June 2011 Covecube
    1864 does require a reboot after the update:


    You may want to follow these instructions to reset all the files:
    (It should be unnecessary to mess with the registry, DrivePool doesn't use it)

    I can't reproduce these issues, can someone with this issue submit error reports:


    This sounds like it's purely an installation issue, your data should be unaffected.

  • Covecube

    Hi Guys

     I had the same trouble even after re-installing 1836 i found i had to reboot my server quite  few times ...
    Can you submit your error reports, could be a service start-up issue?

  • edited June 2011 Member

    Hello Alex ,

    I can give you remote acces that you can see it,

    Pm me xxx@yyy

    Mod EDIT:

    Removed email address

  • After delete all files descriped  in url , everything works fine again.

    @Alex , after uninstalling stablebit using the dashbord
    the only files that was still on me machine were 
    C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\DrivePool.Comm.dll
    and ofcoz the C:\ProgramData\StableBitDrivePool stuff

  • Member
    I can now confirm what Alex and Strammer_Max have recommended. After following the 'clean reinstall' instructions and manually deleting the 'C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\DrivePool.Comm.dll' file, I was able to properly install the latest version and all of my data instantly reappeared.

  • Hi Alex


    I have sent in all my error logs hope they help



  • Covecube
    the only files that was still on me machine were 
    C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\DrivePool.Comm.dll

    Ok, so that's the culprit.

    That file should not be there at all. It's a leftover from an old version.
  • Covecube

    Hi Alex

     I have sent in all my error logs hope they help Lee
    Got it. Replied in contact thread.
  • Covecube
    Just put out build 1914 that addresses this and a bunch of other reported issues:

    It will remove the old file if it's found.
  • Thanks Alex for the fast fix :-)



  • edited June 2011 Member

    Hi Alex

    I tried the new build 1914 and it did the same thing this was my process.

    Download 1914

    Install successful


    No drives in pool


    No drives in pool

    4 reboots later and the drives appear in the drive pool and all is well it generated 2 more error logs which I have forwarded you hope it helps.

    Maybe its some kind of  lag before drivepool rescans for the drives i dunno its just seems odd that after about 5 reboots like the previous version it picks the drivepool back up.





  • Resident Guru
    Lee, is this a recurring issue on subsequent reboots or does it go away once the drives finally show up?
  • Covecube
    I'm talking to Lee in a support case, I think it's a separate issue not related to this thread.
  • I am now running the 1919 build on WHS 2011 dutch version. (updated from build 1864).
    I have the same issue. Due to some Windows updates I had to reboot the system and the drivepool was gone. After two reboots drives came up again.

  • Also the same issue with build 1925
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