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question about balancing SOLVED

edited January 2013 in DrivePool


I'm sure this has been covered but I couldn't find much info on it.  I recently installed a 3tb into my server.  I removed three 1tb drives leaving the new 3tb and three other 1tb drives.  all the data seemed to balance pretty evenly.  oh I do not use duplication at all.  Anyway I then added a second 3tb drive and removed one 1tb drive.  this leaves 2 3tb drives and 2 1tb drives (not counting os drive).  now the balancing is not even at all.

the 1st 3tb shows 64.8% full
both 1tb drives show 59.9%
the new 3tb shows only 38.2%

I tried to force a balance by checking "balance immediately" but it hasn't helped.  last night when I was messing with it I noticed it said pool condition was 50% and recommended duplication.  I accidently hit duplicate.  I could not find a way to stop it so I rebooted.

I then hit remeasure and went to bed.  I also changed the balancing back to "everyday at one am" hoping to would properly balance overnight.  today it shows pool condition at 100% but the balancing is the same as above.  Is there not a way to make all disc an even % of disc usage?

also since it started to duplicate and I stopped it are there now some duplicated files?  I don't see them listed anywhere, when I hover over the drives it says 0 duplicated but some show over a gig of "other data"

I did see on the site where it says only balances the pool when it is absolutely necessary. How does it determine when it's necessary? I just assumed it would evenly distribute the data. I just changed to whs2011 a little over a month ago and up until adding the 2nd 3tb everything was pretty even.

edit:  no idea what's going on with the formatting on here ;)  I can not get it right!


  • edited January 2013 Member

    which version of DrivePool you are using?

    Have you tried / installed the DrivePool plugin "Disk Space Equalizer"? It has two options to equalize the disk space of all disks in the pool: "by the free space remaining" or "by the percent used"
    I'm using the plugin with the option to "equalize by percent used" - my four drives (3x 1,5 TB and 1x 2TB) nearly filled the same (between 44,6% and 44,8 %)


    DrivePool v1.2.4.7226 with Disk Space Equalizer
  • latest version.  thanks for the tip on the plugin!  I was just using what it came with.  trying now and will report back.
  • looks like that's all I needed!  thanks again!
  • What plug-in? Where do you get a plugin? I can't get my pools balanced.
  • edited January 2013 Resident Guru
    Balancing plug-ins can be downloaded at

    To configure plug-ins that are already installed, from the Dashboard go to StableBit DrivePool, Disks, scroll down if necessary and click Balancing.
  • Hi all,

    How do you get the plug-in installed in Beta 2?





  • Resident Guru
    Hi Kurt, the balancing plug-ins currently only work for DrivePool v1, updating them to work with v2 is in progress.
  • Oh...that's why it doesn't work. It seems that most of the commenting is related to v1, which throws me off a bit, as it doesn't fit.

    One thing I noticed that was interesting in v2 was in the logs. The time stamps are expressed as GMT time, or in my case they are 5 hours ahead of my -5 CDT time. I'm guessing this is a bug. Is there a place to report such things for v2?



  • Resident Guru
    It might not be a bug (when you're tracking what a piece of code is doing over time, not having to worry about arbitrary "daylight saving" schemes - that differ from country to country - is a plus).

    The contact form at allows you to select which OS you are using (and thus whether DPv1 or DPv2).
  • Ahhh. Makes sense. Thanks for the insight. Do you have any idea on the progress and any sort of target dates for releases of DPv2.

    I know the software indicates it does auto-updating. Have you found that it truly updates automatically, or just offers the update ?




  • Resident Guru
    Sorry, I don't have any insider knowledge. :)

    Re auto-updating, I haven't given v1 Stable enough attention to notice (since its pooling "just works"), and since I tend to install/uninstall the betas quite often they don't really get the chance. Maybe I should leave one running in a VM to see. :)
  • edited April 2013 Resident Guru
    Update (pun not intended): at least with v1, it doesn't auto-update (and this is intentional, so that if you're happy with the version you've got, you don't get any unhappy surprises).
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