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Version 2 Beta on Windows 8

edited March 2013 in DrivePool



I'm new to DrivePool and have just installed it with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. I'm migrating WHS V1 data from the DE Folders using the guide that seems understandable except for a couple of areas the selections don't quite match up with Windows 8, but close enough to get that worked out. The problem I'm having is with the interface and the instructions in the migration guide:


My questions are in Red below each section of the guides instructions. Thanks.




Now that any wayward DE permissions have been (hopefully) dealt with:

* use Explorer to rearrange your folders, files, etc, on the drivepool drive to your liking, e.g. you might want to move everything under \Shares\Videos into \ServerFolders\Videos - and you don't have to keep the Shares folder if it ends up empty - or you can just leave it all as it is if you were happy with how you had your old WHS folders set up

* you'll be warned if you attempt to move, rename or delete a shared folder - HEED THIS WARNING
I see no ability to interact with folders in the Dashboard. How do I do that?

* use the Dashboard to "Add a folder" (NOT "Add a folder to the Pool") so you can "Browse" to the folders you want to share with your network from the drivepool drive
 I don't see anywhere in the dashboard to add folders. The console has a large pie chart, the ability to add drives to the pool, start duplication, etc, but nowhere do I see the ability to add folders.

* use the Dashboard to enable duplication on the shares that you want to have it
I'm assuming it's all or nothing on the duplication. If you only want some of your data duplicated, what is the best approach?
Thanks very much. I did search the forum, but was unable to answer these questions.


  • edited March 2013 Resident Guru
    Hi Kurt. Windows Home Server 2011 has a Dashboard, and DrivePool for WHS 2011 is integrated with it; Windows 8 does not, so DriveProol for Windows 8 has a "standalone" interface.

    So the references in the guide to the Dashboard are pretty much a WHS 2011 thing only.

    Duplication via DrivePool's GUI (what you referred to as the console) in DP is indeed - currently - all or nothing. However, you can enable/disable duplication on a per-folder basis via the command line; the dpcmd command handles this (open a Windows command prompt and enter dpcmd to see its usage).

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks for getting these questions answered. The creation of folders which seems to have a warning "use the dashboard to add a folder, NOT add a folder to the pool. What does that mean?

    And, if I rename the "Shares" folder (copied from "DE Folders") to "ServerFolders" do I do that in Windows Explorer on both the Drive Pool "Shares folder" and in the individual drives PoolPart folder?


  • Resident Guru
    The WHS 2011 dashboard has two options, titled "Add a folder" and "Add a folder to the pool"; the former allows you to browse to a folder that already exists on the pool, while the latter only allows creating a new folder on the pool.

    If you want to rename the Shares folder you would do so in the pool once you have finished migrating all of your DE drives across; the PoolPart folders will update themselves accordingly. Note also that on Windows 8 you don't need a folder named ServerFolders - that's a WHS 2011 thing.
  • Hi Shane,


    I'm still working some things out with DPCMD. I can't see where duplication has happened by looking at he data on the drives. I now also can't remember which folder I set up for duplication. I've looked at he config file, looked through Event viewer, looked for logs (couldn't find any) to help me troubleshoot the duplication. This is on Windows 8 Pro. Could you please shed some light on how I might discover what I had set up and be able to see it in action.





  • edited March 2013 Resident Guru
    I'm having some trouble with dpcmd myself at the moment.

    However, you might want to try Everything by Voidtools ( to monitor the poolparts in real-time to see where drivepool creates instances (and how many) of files that you put into the pool. Turn on the "Match Path" search option and begin with "poolpart" as your first search term.
  • Resident Guru
    P.S. Turns out if I don't run dpcmd as an administrator (or cmd as an administrator under which I run dpcmd), it doesn't work. :)
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