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FlexRaid, Windows 8, Drive Pool Beta 2

edited March 2013 in DrivePool

I'm trying to get up to speed on this. It seems like a great combination of technologies, but I'm running into some questions.

I've set up a Snapshot Raid (Expert Mode, TX) 2 DRUs, 1 PPU (configured for 6 DRUs and 1 PPU). I've set up the Drive Pool to be the 2 DRUs. That all appears to have gone perfectly.

As I have tranferred data off of other drives, I am now able to add one more DRU to the configuration. When I am doing an "Update" to the FlexRaid, Drive Pool is indicating I have missing disks in the task bar, when I open Drive Pool, my Pool is missing entirely. It does not show up in Windows Explorer either. Does FlexRaid unmount these drives as it does the update and then everything comes back when FlexRaid is done?



Edit: An hour later. The "Update" finished without errors, but still no Stablebit Drive Pool. I restarted and the Stablebit Drive Pool reappeared and appears to be functioning normally. Can anyone shed some light on this behavior? Thanks.


  • Resident Guru
    Humm, never had that problem before. I have had this setup for 2yrs now(WHS2011 - FlexRaid latest version) and my update has never cause a drive to go missing. Does it happen only with updates or with validates or verify? Also is there anything else happening during the update?
  • One of the differences here is that I'm running the beta Isn't the version for WHS different? As I'm new to this, I'm not sure. As I have done at least one Validate and Verify, and the Drive Pool didn't go missing, it would seem that it was an "Update" that caused it to go missing.

    I'm also seeing other behaviors that don't quite work as expected. I wanted it to rebalance, so I went into the Balancer settings, set the schedule to run in a few minutes, but it doesn't run. I'm looking for a log of some sort, but don't know where to find it. I'm assuming one exists, but do you know where it is in this version?


    Thanks for any help. It appears to be a great product with lots of supports, but I'm still trying to fill in some of the gaps before I make a purchase. I do realize it's in Beta, at this point, and assume it will get to the release stage somewhere in the reasonably near future.



  • Resident Guru
    It doesnt balance like you think thats why...have a look here

    As for differecne between versions besides the OS they run on, there isnt much difference
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