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Thank you,

reinstall issue any help appreciated

edited March 2013 in DrivePool

hi there



system drive failed so I installed a new one


Installed whs 2011

Installed each of the ten sata drives one at a time

all drive letters in series

installed latest version and added drivepool and changed to z


started to install updates and then noticed that on one reboot it just hangs on the Microsoft progress bar ;-(


thought of using start up repair but it only allows a system image to be run nothing more


any idea folks



thanks in advance




  • Resident Guru
    Not sure, it sounds like a Windows update issue rather than a DrivePool issue. Perhaps try booting into safe mode and rolling back prior to the last update?
  • hi shane



    it was a clean install


    got it working now as it seemed to boot up after numerous attempts and I slowly only allowed a few updates at a time


    only left ie 9 and ie 10 as not installed


    personally think ie 9 is the issue



    all up and running now but was quite a scare


    thanks for the reply

  • how do I transfer my drivepool licence back over to my new system drive as im running the 30 day trial at this moment in time ?
  • Resident Guru
    Install the license as you did before. It should prompt you to transfer it.
  • it didn't prompt me to transfer


    Im just using the trial at the moment


    can I get my activation id back somehow ?

  • Resident Guru
    When you insert your Activation ID (for WHS2011, go to Dashboard, Server Settings, Manage License) it will notice you have used it before and prompt you to transfer it from the old install to the new install.

    From the Licensing FAQ: "We will send you information confirming your order, the Activation ID and activation instructions by email. Save this, it's important."

    If you have lost your Activation ID, you will need to use the form at and ask very nicely for it to be resent. :)
  • thanks shane


    pm support and alex sorted me out again



    thanks to you BOTH

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