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Client Backup

edited March 2012 in DrivePool
I am a newbee to whs 2011 and Drivepool so have patience. My setup is 4 disks. Drive C contains the system and extends to Drive D: which contains Documents, Movies, etc., Drive F: currently has client backups. Drive H: is currently empty. I have assigned F and H to Pool G: Client backup works fine set up for drive F: but if I move the client backup folder to the pool drive G: the client backups no longer work. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions for configuring my server/pool? The objective is to backup client computers and to store movies and music for streaming.


  • edited March 2012 Resident Guru
    There are definitely still some issues with client backups in pooled folders.

    If, as a newbie, you don't want to tackle beta-testing the client backups, I suggest setting aside a non-pooled drive (or partition on the drive) for the client backups until the problem can be resolved; pretty much everything else can be moved into the pool (though keep an eye out for any bugs, it is still in beta after all).
  • Yeah, Shane is right.  I've been following for quite some time (tested a bit at the very initial beta releases, but had to reduce to following once the my teaching duties restarted last fall).   I jumped "all in" last week, and now have all 7TB of data pooled and duplicated.   Still, I have one drive outside the pool for the client backup and everything works like a champ!   So, in a nutshell, you aren't doing anything wrong, but have stumbled upon what seems to be the last remaining bugaboo...

  • Thans Ron and Shane. I have decided to uninstall Drivepool and wait for the released version
  • edited March 2012 Member

    Build: 5843

    Backups working on Pool again.

    Moved Client Backups back to pool and 4 machines backed up to the pool last night, no errors.

    * [D] Fixed incorrect number of copies sometimes being created for files in duplicated folders, depending on directory layout.
    * [D] Fixed oplock delay when writing to duplicated folders.
    * [D] Fixed an issue that was preventing the client backup engine from creating new data files under certain circumstances, depending on directory layout.

     This may have fixed it.

  • Member
    Yahoo! I'll try it tonight. Good job Alex.
  • Member

    Alex is this something you specifically fixed or something that "fixed itself"  due to another issue?



  • Are client backups on the pool still working for everyone?
  • That's what I would like to know as well. I'm hesitant to move them back to the pool since I now have a good two months of solid backups.
  • Member
    It's definitely working with my HP EX485 Server on latest DP version. :) %%-
  • Member

    Mine are still working on the pool.   :-)



  • I just upgraded from M3 to M4 and had to move the Client Backup floder to a non pooled drive.  Prior to moving the folder I had nothing shown on the Computers and Backup tab.   After the move the client computers were displayed properly.
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