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Question on Drive Balancing

edited January 2013 in DrivePool
If I copy a folder containing say 100 folders and 1000 files how will drive pooling handle this?
Will it split the folders/files across multiple drives?
Will it put them all onto one drive (preferred)
or is it customisable?

When using the drive re-balancing options how does this work? If I have a sub folder with 100 pictures in could these 100 pictures be scattered across numerous drives?

In short what I am getting at is when using drive pooling I want my hard disks to sleep as often as possible (I have ten) and If I have for example raw blue ray rip this can span quite a lot of files/folders and so to watch a single movie, every single drive might be spun up. I want to make sure this does not happen


  • edited January 2013 Resident Guru
    Hi Bry, when writing/balancing, DrivePool chooses drives to use according to their free space available. So the short answer is it is entirely possible that you could end up with the contents of a folder split across multiple drives.

    Currently, balancing cannot be customised at the folder level - I'd be pleased if someone could prove me mistaken. In the meantime, three "workarounds" that I can think of are:

    #1. Store your BDs as ISO image files. DrivePool does not split individual files. Probably your best option unless you have a special need to have your BDs "unzipped".

    #2. Use the multiple pools feature of DrivePool 1.3 (currently downloadable in beta) to create one or more two-drive pools just for your BD files.

    #3. Turn off DrivePool's built-in nightly balancing and write your own custom script to balance the pool at the folder level (while still splitting where necessary). Definitely the hard-hat option.
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