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Can I remove drive letters without messing up my pool?

edited February 2013 in DrivePool
Good afternoon!

This is one of those "I'd rather ask than risk a catastrophe" type questions.    

I have a pool of 20 drives.   Obviously this makes "My Computer" a bit messy.   There are a couple of drives that I have some "non-pooled" data.   I'd like to be able to remove the drive letters from all the drives except the couple that I access directly (and of course the P: "pool") drive.   I think it should be OK, but I just want to get a second opinion...  Can I remove the drive letters on pooled drives without effecting the pool?

(This is the WHS2011 version, not the new 2.0 beta)


  • Yes, I don't have any of my 20 drives assigned to a drive letter except the pool drive. DP doesn't use the drive letter to access the drives, it has a more direct way to get to them.
  • I know that I can add drives to the pool without assigning a drive letter.   I guess I want to be sure that I can remove the drive letters once they've been added to the pool without confusing anything.
  • When I go to remove the drive letters I get a message noting the drive (X:) is currently in use - any issues there? Or is Windows just being polite...assuming I can ignore that message since nothing is accessing the drives by drive letter (just DP using them to duplicate/rebalance)
  • edited February 2013 Resident Guru
    DP does use the letter if it's there, but doesn't need the letter to access the drive; Windows can see the letter is being used by DP but doesn't know DP can work just fine without it.
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