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Windows Server Essentials 2012



  • Covecube
    I've been using it for a while. The only issue I'm having with v2 is that pointed out a IO/filesystem issue with two of my HDDs. But I had them on a controller that was periodically crashing, so I'm not surprised by that at all. And it's not really DrivePool's fault.

    Otherwise, absolutely no issues.

    And JazJon, good call on the Recuva software. :)
  • Also, v2 of DrivePool doesn't seem to communicate yet with StableBit Scanner like v1 did.   This means if scanner suddenly detects one of your drives has early SMART warnings or was detected to have damage, it won't tell DrivePool to evacuate & empty the drive.  This was a great feature in v1 so I'm hoping it comes to DrivePool v2 soon as well.
  • Covecube
    It's a new system, partially because of said "HDD" issues (drive controller on my MSS ex495 was starting to fail).  I am not sure that Scanner would have really gotten anything.... but I've been having all sorts of issues, I could probably fix it with a full chkdsk or file scan, but I'm impatient, and want to just "full format" the disk, and run some tests on it before adding it back to the pool.
  • I used to have a HP EX495, and had the same nightmare drives going missing experience.

    I posted here:

    The fix:

    Turn off "Link State Power Management" under PCI Express in the power options menu.  (in Windows, control panel)
    (not sure how to do it on 2012 though if you don't see it)

    You can also try lowering the SMART queries frequency if you use Scanner as well. 
  • Covecube
    Ah, yeah.... That would probably have worked.... If I hadn't of gotten a Norco 4220 for free (well, for shipping), and a nice server board from a friend for cheap (ASRock 990FX Extreme3 mobo, AMD FX 8120 cpu, 8GBs RAM for $250).

    Though, I do have a debug cable for the server. Am going to sell it soon, once I clean everything up.
  • Hi there!

    I am currently running latest stable version on WHS2011. I am thinking of moving over to either Windows 8 or Windows Server Essential 2012. Could someone please answer these questions for me?

    1) Windows 8 or Essentials 2012? I will be using it purely for data storage, streaming and torrents.
    2) I currently have 4 x 3TB Harddisks in my pool and I have no place to put the data temporarily. I also have a separate 500GB HDD for the WHS2011 system. If I image my system drive, then install Windows8/Essentials 2012, then add my pool, should it just work and find all the data? How great are the chances that I will lose data?
    3) If something goes wrong, and I image the WHS2011 system back, will drivepool pick up my pool again?

    Thanks in advance!
  • 1) I'd go with Windows 8,   I tired Essentials 2012 at first and it was just confusing, and forced domain sucks

    2) Yes your pool will get picked up no problem, no need to move your data, or re-create the pool.   Just make sure your data drives are disconnected while you install the OS first. (to be extra careful)

    3) Yes changing OS has no effect on the DrivePool.

    You can use this utlity to restore the "shares" as well
  • Covecube
    If you're not familar with domains, then yes, Windows 8 is a better choice. 
  • edited April 2013 Member
    If you have a work laptop that is already on a domain, it sucks to have to be forced to use one at home.  It also makes creating open shares tricky.   I'm happy using Windows 8 built in backup or a 3rd party imaging program for client backups.    I just want a fast file server.   I've been getting 100-120MB/s on Windows 8 so far. (best ever)  There are pro's and con's for both, but keeping things simple won out in the end for me.   I had nothing but trouble trying to get theWHS  2011 Launch pad from freezing or not connecting at random from clients.  Hopefully 2012 is better if you go that route.   If you have MSDN you might want to install the full version of 2012 instead of essentials so you have the option to NOT use a domain. 
  • Covecube
    The work laptop scenario is definitely a precarious one. You definitely can't multihome it.

    2012 Essentials works very well, if you do want to use a domain controller. And there is no need to log into the launchpad on domain accounts. 

    But if all you want is a fast file server, then Win 8 is definitely the better choice. 
  • Great! Thank you for your answers JazJon and Drashna :)

    I will upgrade to Windows 8 this weekend and let you know how it goes!
  • Is there any plan to integrate DP 2.0 in the Dashboard of WSE2012?  I liked the old interface on WHS 2011.
  • Covecube
    JSimard, there is a small link in the "Storage" tab, in the Folders section that will bring up the UI. 

    Or you can remotely manage it by installing it on the "client" computer. No need to activate the license when you do that, either. Just look for the computer's name, click on it, and select the server's from the list.
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