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Licensing agreement and set up

edited May 2013 in DrivePool

I have a backup win7 64 pro machine which I am turning into a WHS 2011 one as well by swopping out the boot drive. The data drives for the win7 machine, as well as those that will go into DrivePool for the WHS machine, will remain in the case at all times.

Would I have to buy one or two licenses for DrivePool?


  • Covecube
    If you're basically reinstalling the OS on the machine, then there is no issue transferring the license. In fact, if you use the "manage license" option, you can deactivate it, and then once WHS2011 is installed, activate it on that system.
  • Member

    I did not explain myself clearly in the original post.

    The PC will be a dual purpose machine. Most of the time it will be  a WHS, but in the event of my having problems with my main machine, it will become my backup machine. The boot drive is in a removable caddy which will allow me to swop operating systems with a simple shut down, swop caddies, and reboot.

    Obviously the drivepool drives will show up as normal htfs drives in win7 with whatever letters are associated with them. Win7 would be able to access them directly as well as the data drives for win7 which will not be included in the drivepool array.

    I hope that his clarifies my problem.

    My question remains: Would I have to buy one or two licenses for DrivePool?


  • Member

    The most transparent way would be 2 licenses, but you could deactivate and activate the licenses with each swap,

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