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  • Thanks for the head's up Ahlitah - I'm on and was looking around the forums to see whether I should upgrade or not.  I think I'll hold off as mine has been rock solid, not a single hiccup since moving from Drivebender now, and since my 21…
  • Yes, using current release.  Doesn't happen all the time, just seems like after the server's been running for a bit.  I've often found a few here or there that show that bizarre path when I hover, but this was the first time they all doubled in meta…
  • Yeah, I had mentioned that solution for now as one I would do if there's no plans in the future for better duplication, was just hoping to actually hear whether or not that's in the pipeline at all or not...   Thanks for the second part - I never lo…
  • Thanks!  Sorry bout that!Fixed it.
  • Just went the "copy them to the pool folder" route on each drive, letting the files stay split as they were in drivebender...  We'll see how it goes, tomorrow I should be able to start testing now and see how this compares to drivebender, and if the…
  • I take it these options for performance features were removed since December?  I'm trying to copy about 15TB of data to a new pool but my copy speeds are less than half of what they were when I was copying them to my now removed drivebender pool.  I…
  • I better clarify that, there were an awful lot of references to drive and drive letters... My drivebender drive was D - it's gone.My stablebit drive pool drive is E. The remaining five drives I gave letters to that still have all the drivebender dat…
  • I was wondering about that.  I saw  in the docs that I can add a drive with data to the pool but that data isn't pooled, and that I can copy data directly to the drive letter and keep it "out of the pool" but if I copied instead to the letter of the…
  • Doing it the "old fashioned" way.  I've got both products installed - and am currently removing the first 3TB drive from the drivebender pool.  Once the data is off and it's free, I'll add it to stablebit.  Then I'll do it for the next drive, etc...…