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  • My 128GB SSD server also boots in seconds with full access to shared pooled folders. I've a combination of 5 HDDs of 1 and 2 TB in the pool. No issue either.
  • Thank you. I'm not usually so slow to try things out and see what happens, just with WHS and DP for some reason.It was straightforward, switched those drive letters, rebooted and the dashboard showed 'client computer backups' were missing, though an…
  • I've got the drive letters a little messed up and will follow this guide to put the pool onto Z to get it right out of the way. Once I've stopped sharing all my custom shares, can I also swap the drive letters around as well as the pool letter? Some…
  • Purchased, I'm glad to be able to spend my money now to buy this and support Alex, brilliant!
  • No stalling and full speed read and writes here too, so looks like both old and and new school happy now. Thank you Alex, really looking to the future with this.
  • Isn't it strange that for some of you 5824 cause slow down and for others who had stalling prior to this build it cures it?Before 5824 all the way back to M3 my transfers would stall after about 30 seconds or so, speed would be around 110MB/s up til…
  • For me this is completely solved now with release 5824. Thanks again Alex, getting better all the time and looking forward to the future with this.
  • Release 5536 was my first upgrade from M3, the migration from M3 to M4 was smooth and problem free. Nearly 6TB of data in many folders, some duplication, all there and working without a glitch. Great work Alex, thank you.
  • Thanks, I've tried suspending instead of hibernation, but still doesn't sleep after the last client goes offline, so I think I'll have to wait for a fix from LO author that works for me.
  • That's interesting, thanks for your reply. I've got LO set up to wake server and clients for the back up period, stay awake when monitored clients are on line, and hibernate 5 mins after no clients are online. I've not set the Drivepool service to …