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  • Shane - understood and very much appreciated.  Now I get the differences very clearly. So are you running the last Release or the current RC flavor?  I guess I can wait a bit for an official "Release" with NFS. While I'm thinking about it - any exp…
  • ok, I just stumbled into the BLOG section and see a posting from mid March on 1.3 Final release and Beta.  How does a fairly new use go about deciding what version he/she should be installing/upgrading to?  Does the 1.3 "final" release hav…
  • OK, will try later.  Assuming the different data is to avoid cache issues?  I use TeraCopy also.  I'll report back.
  • If you can point me towards any testing resources - that would be appreciated.  I'm headed to bed here (East Coast time zone).
  • was me copying to the old "shares" folder from the movement of data from the old WHS v1 folders. What I meant to say was on the DrivePool drive but NOT in one of the duplicated folders.  So since the duplication run was done, makes sense that the s…
  • Don't think it's my network.  Not having any other issues speedwise.  Wifi is diasbled on the laptop.  Yeah, I saw those settings and they are checked off. The duplicating and balancing is done - so tested copying a file to a few places;  a) to a D…
  • When I go to remove the drive letters I get a message noting the drive (X:) is currently in use - any issues there? Or is Windows just being polite...assuming I can ignore that message since nothing is accessing the drives by drive letter (just DP u…
  • I read through the manual - didn't see anything that would explain why this would be so slow.  I've never encountered this slow copying with anything else on my network or when copy to my old WHS v1. If the slowdown is being caused by the flurry of…
  • Thanks Shane, So I migrated everything over and like @tlsrulz, I had duplication turned on for most of my data - so not sure how long DrivePool will (a) take to recognize this (and presumably skip trying to duplicate files already duplicated) and/o…
  • Just want to make sure I understand the moving process - hope these aren't dumb questions... 1)   When you say "add at least one Data Drive to the pool" - is this a drive from the old server (with the DE folder ad data on it) or is this a new (empt…