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  • The beta has the bug fixed so you can balance before duplication if you are using a single feeder disk. As long as you set both to run overnight it does not matter which order you do it in. I just prefer to clear the feeder disk first. If anyone is …
  • If you want to use a single feeder disk and are not using the latest beta it could take longer to move the files as there was a bug that meant non duplicated data would not be moved off the drive. Depending on what time the rebalancing was set for, …
  • Single or duplicated feeder works fine if you understand when the plugin moves the files. http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/981/single-ssd-feeder-disk-duplicated-pool#Item_1
  • Just had a quick play on my test box. Nice simple app but with limited options as its an early beta. You can either set the whole pool duplicated or not and you cant move shares onto the pool yet as it moans about the covefs file system of the pool.…
  • 2.0 beta is out with ws2012e support now.
  • Usual steps to fix a broken install. 1) Uninstall from Dashboard.2) Make sure its gone from Control Panel, Programs and Features.3) Set Folder options to show hidden files and delete the StableBitDrivePool folder inside C:\ProgramData.4) Reboot and …
  • It sounds by reading the above you have 2 sets of disks, one you are testing storage spaces on and another original DP set. (as you copied the data). If you have any new files on the Storage spaces set you need to copy that off as you will lose it …
  • If you transferred the data over to a storage pool set you can only copy it back while still running WS2012e. If you did not touch the original drives then yes, just reconnect them after you put whs2011 back with DP. The other way could be to wait f…
  • I think both ways should be selectable from the dashboard as it gives a method to disable both for faster io. If people like the fancy breakdown and are happy with the speed / energy hit then let them use it. On a personal note, I like the current …
  • I have never had to recover in my current setup, so Hopester advise is interesting. I would have approached it differently..using the method of Shane described here. Then insert the new disk and preform the restore via Flex and then restarted DP ser…
  • Are you saying with the beta, you can tell the pool which drives to use for certain shares, or even assign files of a certain size to specific drives, while assigning larger files to other drives?  You can run some shares duplicated and some not.…
  • They work well together as saitoh183 says. Couple of tips; Mount the drives as NTFS folders so they dont appear in Explorer. (unless you like drive letters for all drives)If a drive fails and you need to recover using flexraid, simply uninstall driv…
  • Have a look a the latest drivepool beta, it can balance the data across the drives in nearly any way you can think off. http://blog.covecube.com/2012/09/stablebit-drivepool-balancing-plug-ins-and-scanner-integration/
  • Drivepool combined with Scanner (other software made by Dev) will do everything you described. Scanner will handle drive spindown. Just a minor correction, you dont need scanner to spin the disks down, windows will handle that in the power optio…
  • You can see the volume label in drivepool so I have a sticker on the end of each drive giving its name and warranty expire date.
  • Uninstall and delete the folder stablebitdrivepool in programdata and then reinstall.
  • File placement has been added in the latest beta but I've already found an issue so I would only use it on a test server until the bugs are worked out. The problem is with an existing unduplicated share having duplication turned on but still leaving…
  • Make sure there is no entry for drivepool in the add-in section in the dashboard. If thats ok, look in the hidden folder C:\ProgramData and delete the Stablebitdrivepool folder and try and install again.
  • You can reinstall and everything will be fine. I would disconnect all the data drives when you reinstall the OS just in case you select the wrong drive
  • DrivePool 1.2 We will have a completely extensible file balancing / file placement plug-in system. It will be extremely simple for anyone with basic programming knowledge to write DrivePool plug-ins that control file placement and balancing. It will…
  • and have a look in the dashboard add-in area to see if it has gone from there. (if you uninstalled via the control panel which does not fully remove the program)
  • I've just seen the same thing but it does not do it all the time for me (takes about 20% cpu as well). Have you got stablebit scanner installed as I've just removed it to see if it was causing the problem. Will report back.
  • I use the AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 (newer version) and Stablebit scanner pulls the smart information ok plus Temperature.
  • Managed to get it reinstalled, even though I uninstalled it, there was still a reference to drivepool in the add-in tab. Now my licence wont work grrr. Time to contact Alex
  • I installed 6232, rebooted and then I was unable to open the dashboard. So I uninstalled, rebooted and tried again and the installer tells me its already installed. If I try an older version it tells me a newer version is installed so I'm a bit stuf…
  • Crashplans de-duplication cant see duplicated files in the the pool as its accessed via shares or the virtual drive. So dont worry about it and duplicate the data you need and backup the files you want to crashplan. A speed tip for crashplan is to…
  • Changelog is in the wiki as well, just under the link to the file.
  • Hi Lee, Drive labels are available by right clicking on the column headings and selecting them to be added. Steve.
  • Installer still fails probably due to the crash leaving the failed install in limbo. We might need an uninstaller that clears up the registry and files.
  • Similar problems,blue screen on install and then after trying to reinstall get the add-in cannot be installed on the server. Cant help with a crashdump as the remote pc is on a slow connection. I even tried clearing all the stabitbit files and anyt…