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  • I just bought a Red this afternoon.  It was $30 difference - not enough for me to say no, once I factored the extra warranty coverage in.  Thanks for the input Shane, much appreciated!
  • Thanks Shane; most of what you mentioned is where my head was at.  The parking of heads - do you know offhand if that affects power consumption?  (ie. when running the drive uses xW and when parked the drive uses (x-?)W.  My thinking was that if whe…
  • Scratch that - id10t error.  The "Add a folder" link works if you create a folder that's not on the pooled drive.  Duh!
  • Thanks for the explaination datageek.  I must have a bug of some kind because I've tried that - hence why I keep asking what I'm sure looks like a simple answer to everyone else! I actually have drive letters for all my drives.  They were assigned …
  • I have 3 2TB disks - I can't dedicate an entire one for VM's, that's just a waste.  I don't really care about performance, as long as it works well enough. So what you're saying is I need to partition a drive, then use part of it as a drive that is…
  • I must be missing something simple here.  I have all my drives added as part of the pool.  Trying to replicate what Paaland recommended, I can't create a folder that is not a pooled folder.  If I use the "Add a Folder" or "Add a folder to the pool" …
  • I completely agree that we shoudln't be using the pool for VM's for redundancy and I purposely turned it off for my (if it worked, but it didn't) VM folder.  I'd like to use the pool just for simplicity.  It doesn't make sense to dedicate a 1Tb dr…
  • I used the workaround mentioned by eda above.  I had the same problem, it worked (except for some random subfolders)- just took a while.
  • Yes, I have the same problem.  It's not only subfolders, but certain files as well.  I think some of them were the ones that were shared in uTorrent (maybe they were in use?), and the others I have no idea.  It's really annoying thus far...
  • During my server migration from WHSv1 to WHS2k11 I've had this error a few times - usually in the middle of the night during a huge transfer.  Network shares obviously.  Reboot fixed it, but frustrating nonetheless. Hopefully it didn't have anythin…
  • After a drive of mine just died, I couldn't get rid of the missing drive alert, and the folder duplication alert.  I used the command Alex provided (except it's DrivePool.WhsCommands instead) and it cleared the alerts. Still, it should be an action…