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  • I have been using Crashplan and DP for almost a year now with out issue.  What i like about Crashplan is i have two backup sets one is to a esata drive locally (600gb)  and the other is to Crashplan offsite (250gb).  It took Crashplan 20 days to bac…
  • I dont have this issue.  My server boots in seconds, i have a 128 gb SSD for my boot/os drive and 5 2tb drives in my pool + 1 external 2tb for backups.
  • Sorted it out... removed each drive and they all checked out.Totally uninstalled Drivepool (reboot)Installed non beta version of drivepool (reboot)Installed latest version (reboot)Let it measure and duplicate - it whined about old parts so i let it …
    in Urgent help Comment by jdpg2 June 2012
  • So whats the right answer?  Can you enable shadow copy on each drive and have drive pool running?  Is there a reason we shouldnt?  Will it have a negative effect on our data? Thanks 
  • Also check if you have backup software running, like Crash plan.  I found that with it set to continuous backup, i sometimes got shuttering.  BTW crash plan works perfectly just need to do on site and off site backups after "streaming" hours
  • My client backups (6 clients) are in the pool and work perfectly.  I have even done a restore from  a backup in the pool and that worked fine as well.  The difference is i moved my client backup folder when it was empty into the pool and then starte…
  • Are you sure it was drive pool that caused your issue? Can you list some other details that might help Alex debug the issue? I dont think I have seen a BSOD post yet. Could you have had a bad drive to begin with? Did you chech your drives before y…
  • Yea i am in the same boat.. picked up both once i installed the "trial license" version.  Refund would be nice but for the price drive pool is worth it.
  • Has anyone tried SilverRubicons solution?  My drives still are mislabled but i am not sure i want to try this solution.
  • I have the same issue, but I am wondering if the is an function of having multiple sata controllers on a motherboard and the port you have it connected to?
  • Alex is this something you specifically fixed or something that "fixed itself"  due to another issue?  
  • Just keep all backups off of the pool.. it works well and i have zero issues.
  • Just installed Crashplan. While it doent have a windows add in, it does work as intended.  It can read the pool so you wont have an issue with duplicates and it can copy the client backup folder as well.  I have it backing up to an external eSATA dr…
  • Ok think i have finally sorted this out.  I now have a dedicated non pools drive for Server Backups and for Client Backups.  The Client Backup up drive has the Client backup Server Folder in it.  Once i did this the server appears to be working perf…
  • Are you saying that after we move drives to the pool we should go in and manually enable shadow copies on the physical drives that make up the pool?